Connecting People
to Healthy Waterways



Trail Safety Information

Walk, run, cycle, cross country ski, snow shoe, go geocaching, take a paddle down the Grand River or fish in some of the best protected waterways in the region. Picnic at Mt. Pleasant Nature Park and fish in the stocked ponds. There’s so much to do! When you’re here you will see the footprint of our improved waterway investments throughout Brantford/Brant, which preserve our waterways and protect the Grand River. The preservation of our Brantford waterways have helped to develop the vast Brantford trail and Brant Country trail systems.
The Brantford trails offer some great opportunities for biking, hiking and running with your family and friends. It is important stay safe while adventuring the Brantford trail system.

Trail Use and Safety

    • Keep to the right when using the Brantford trails and let others pass on the left
    • Never litter, trash cans are dispersed throughout the trail system and waterways
    • We encourage you to take photos but do not disturb the natural resources
    • Stay on designated trails
    • Never walk the trails alone, always go with a friend or family member
    • Follow all signs and maps
    • Keep your pets on a leash at all times and clean up after them
    • Park in designated trail parking areas, no unauthorized vehicles are permitted on the trails
    • Parks close at midnight
    • No open fires or camping
    • Except where noted, no washrooms are provided along the trails
    • Use the trail at your own risk, weather conditions can change quickly.

Along the Brantford trail systems, you will find interpretative signage and pamphlets. These are available to all visitors. Should you required additional pamphlets please feel free to contact the Parks and Recreation Board or the Brant Waterways Foundation! Click Here to see interpretive signage along the Brantford tails.

Trails are accessible by wheelchairs in most sections.